"There's no one better to make you visible, legible and credible on LinkedIn. I've recommended David consistently, and everyone who has used his services as a result has been bloody delighted with the results. Recommended. Highly." - Pat Phelan

Doctor LinkedIn™ solves your LinkedIn Advertising problems. With clinical efficiency.

Successful LinkedIn Advertising Strategy from Doctor Linkedin David PetherickLinkedIn™ is a powerful and sophisticated medium for reaching hyper-targeted audiences for you and your business.

But LinkedIn's Advertising Solutions are complex tools, and default settings and broad or untutored assumptions can result in you over-spending and under-reaching with your campaigns.

I am a LinkedIn™ Advertising Fixer. I solve your Linkedin™ Advertising problems.

  • How do I define and target my audiences?
  • How best do I split up or manage international campaigns?
  • What fields should be mandatory for lead generation forms?
  • How, and when, do I best conduct A/B testing?
  • Should I opt in for enabling Audience Expansion?
  • How can I target my competitors' connections?
  • Should I opt for Pay per Click or Pay per '000 Impressions?

It takes time and money to answer these questions for yourself. If you can afford to spend these, good luck to you.

If, however, you want to save time and money, go to someone with the answers, and the marketing, advertising, business and life experience to help you. Lift your ROI immediately. Go to me, Doctor LinkedIn™, working on LinkedIn since 2006 to leverage it for business advantage.

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