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Doctor LinkedIn™ provides free surgery for Scottish EDGE Finalists

Scottish EDGE 11 Winners December 2017

Scottish EDGE 11 Winners December 2017


Doctor LinkedIn David Petherick at Scottish EDGE FInals 2017 © Sandy Young Photography 07970 268944

Doctor LinkedIn David Petherick at Scottish EDGE Finals 2017 © Sandy Young Photography 07970 268944

Doctor LinkedIn is pleased to announce that it is now an official Supporting Partner for Scottish EDGE, the UK's biggest entrepreneurial funding competition.

All Scottish EDGE finalists will now have access to an in-depth one-to-one Doctor's Surgery and follow-up Prescription to improve their online presence on LinkedIn, covering their key personnel's personal profiles, their company profiles on LinkedIn, and their strategy towards leveraging this powerful business network.

LinkedIn is the key business networking platform globally, growing at more than 120 new members every minute, with over 520m members, and which, with 23m members in the UK, covers over 58% of the UK working population.

Scottish EDGE is the UK's largest entrepreneurial funding competition, which through its bi-annual awards, had, as at June 2017, generated £57.23 million in additional turnover for its 234 winners, who had secured over £55.17 million in additional investment, and created 981 new jobs.

UPDATE: June 2018: EDGE winners have, to date, created an additional 1381 Scottish jobs, generated an additional £104.22 million in turnover, and received additional investment to the sum of £82.47 million.

UPDATE: December 2018: EDGE winners have, to date, created an additional 1652 Scottish jobs, generated an additional £131.29 million in turnover, and received additional investment to the sum of £108.33 million.

Through this partnership, Scottish EDGE finalists will have access to a no-cost customised 'Doctor's Surgery' service which will:

  • Provide a 1-hour one-on-one Surgery to Scottish EDGE finalists
  • Utilise a custom-designed online Q&A to expose EDGE finalists to best practice
  • Allow EDGE finalists to receive a customised 'prescription' to help them enhance, grow and develop their business presence on the LinkedIn platform, focusing on business generation, reputation building, sharing information and connecting with new partners and customers
  • Provide follow-up ongoing advice to improve on their business performance

Announcing the agreement in Edinburgh, Evelyn McDonald, CEO of Scottish EDGE said "We realise that access to industry experts, mentors, business education, connectivity and guidance are crucial requirements for entrepreneurs aiming to successfully negotiate their business growth journey. With an extensive partnership group already established, we are proud to add Doctor LinkedIn's services to our world-leading entrepreneurial support network, helping our alumni to succeed online to nurture and grow their enterprises."

Doctor LinkedIn David Petherick, who in 2007 was recognised by the BBC as the world's first Digital Biographer, added "LinkedIn members only spend on average 17 minutes a month using the platform, underscoring its under-realised potential. Its recent acquisition by Microsoft with an investment of $26 billion shows that the game has changed. Being visible, legible and credible on this global online business network can no longer be an afterthought, but instead should be a critical part of any growing business' digital strategy. I look forward to working with Scottish EDGE's incredible alumni to help guide them towards success by using the best insight, techniques and tools which I have developed over more than ten years working on this platform. The Doctor is In."

About David Petherick

David Petherick is Doctor LinkedIn and writes LinkedIn profiles for a living and offers live online 'surgery'. He makes your online presence visible, legible and credible. Follow David on Twitter at @petherick. Click to book a free ten-minute call or skype with David today for confidential, impartial advice on how you can improve your LinkedIn Profile with no sales nonsense.