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Let the Doctor cure your Company Page ills. Gain followers, target niche groups with sponsored updates and use Showcase Pages for added SEO juice...

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What does a successful Linkedin Company Page achieve?

Doctor LinkedIn David Petherick

Doctor LinkedIn: David Petherick

Not much. Aside from secret sauce in the LinkedIn Search Engine, Inbound targeted web links, engaged, identifiable followers...

An effective LinkedIn Company Page can help you achieve all of these objectives:

  1. Grow a dedicated, engaged group of followers
  2. Offers you free you prime real estate on LinkedIn to outline your offering in detail, and link to your website
  3. Allows you to brand all of your employees' profiles with the inclusion of your logo and a link to your company page on their profile pages
  4. Make additional SEO gains with Showcase Pages for Products or Services
  5. Ability to add regular company updates that will reach all of your followers' timelines
  6. Ability to sponsor news updates and target these towards niche audiences selected by combinations of Geography, job title, company size, seniority, industry etc. You can micro-target your updates effectively and measure your results scientifically with low cost-per-thousand
  7. Ability to advertise new jobs through this channel

Talk to Doctor David Petherick, whose online experience dates from 1989, who has worked for one of the biggest tech blogs in the world, and who has been working with LinkedIn as a business tool since 2006.

Make an appointment to talk with Doctor David today

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  • No commitment
  • 100%, 1,000 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Discretion assured

Patients and Cures

Lynne Everatt
Writer with a cheeky streak • Recovering MBA

David Petherick helped me significantly improve my LinkedIn profile in a way that translated profile views into connections and new business. Everyone in LinkedIn could benefit from an objective assessment of their profile, particularly one as expert as David’s. I strongly encourage you to sign up for one of David’s profile enhancement options without delay!

Rob Hook
Principal at Sales Enablement Centre – a team of senior operators that design and implement sales transformations

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to build reputations and enhance your brand. It becomes even more powerful if you have a profile that delivers the messages that you want to the right audience. I was fortunate to employ David Petherick to create my profile and am now confident that anyone who reads my profile will understand who I am and the value I create. David has that rare ability to see & hear then translate these in to the written word with power & dynamism. My profile now sums me up perfectly!

Norma Corlette
Driving personal and organisational growth and development from social media and online communities

David has an excellent way with words and a good understanding of how to communicate in the virtual world which makes sense to the reader and gets results . Nothing is too much for David and I would highly recommend him.

Andy Lopata
Harnessing the potential of powerful professional relationships

Being interviewed for The Sunday Times is a fantastic opportunity for anyone. When I was interviewed, an excellent article was published but unfortunately my name was misspelt. That could have caused problems with people not being able to find me on search engines if they wanted to find out more about me.

Having sent David a text to let him know that the article was there, he called me within an hour and offered to do what he could to rectify the situation with my name. Within another hour any search under the misspelt name on Google would meet David’s blogs at positions 1 and 2, leading them to my site. David proved himself to be a fantastic, generous networker by offering his services and acting so quickly, and on a Sunday. Not only that, he also showed that he is a true master of his craft. Connect with him, you’d be daft not to.

Leon Benjamin
Programme Manager, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

My interactions with David are in his capacity as a Digital Biographer. Some one who brings people’s profiles to life and expertly brings them to other people’s attention. In the world of social networks humanity now finds itself in, some people say these skills are amongst the most precious in the modern world. I happen to agree.

Robert Greig
The Office Furniture Guru at Office Team Group

David is a first class individual who does exactly what it says on the tin. A master wordsmith who can also understand all of the HTML codes- better than any geek.

David does an excellent job as a Digital Biographer and I have been most impressed when I have heard him give addresses on the subject. He is extremely knowlegeable in his area of expertise and can mesmerise an audience with his captivating wit and oratory. David knows his subject, but can explain the complexities to a layman in a way that is both enlightening and entertaining.

Erich Nielsen

If you want to make a digital footprint leveraging your presence, you would consider using David’s services. I am.

Besides being a creative writer, David has a background that make it possible for him to understand his client (whether the client is an actual person or a corporation) as well as using his empathy to pin-point what you actually want to say and helps you say it.