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Doctor David Petherick

David Petherick, Digital Doctor


So you're on LinkedIn, but you're suffering from problematic symptoms such as these:

  • Lack of profile visitors
  • Connection disfunction
  • Lack of job offers
  • Company page failure

Make a FREE appointment to discuss your LinkedIn symptoms today with Doctor LinkedIn David Petherick by phone or skype, or arrange a personal consultation at Doctor David's Saturday surgeries.

Dr David will be happy to discuss:

  • Profile performance failure
  • Invisibility syndrome
  • Connections disorder
  • Any other personal problems...

Most symptoms can be treated quickly and successfully at the first consultation, without the need for major surgery. However, expert non-invasive surgery is available if required, whether it's a profilectomy, treatment for summaritis or even overcoming Nextjob Freeze.

Doctor David has been a specialist correcting LinkedIn disorders since 2006, and has successfully treated hundreds of patients. His full medical profile is available at

You can arrange a free, confidential phone consultation here, or book a personal one to one consultation in Edinburgh on Saturdays from 10am-2pm here.


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